lunes, 20 de enero de 2014

Be different

Life from my side

It's the first time I write a blog, and I feel it's time descargarme though no one else will read it.

Being different is not a crime . I think it is fashionable to say "I 'm different " and somehow , everyone is different , no one has the same thoughts, the same nose , the same eyes , personality, among other things.

All in life once we are on one side or the other with the issue of bullying as perpetrator or victim. I feel like I 've been on both sides , at a time like other as aggressor and attacked , but lately more people see me as the abused .

We should not judge other people just for being different from us, have a different perspective on life. We must learn to accept ourselves as we are , we need not only to change society to accept us . At this time I learned that I must first accept myself so that others also accept me .

If you are the aggressor , think of how much damage you're doing to that person calling her " fat"or "  ugly" "weird " insults among others . You do not know the life you have that person, you do not know if that girl / or have eating disorders, spent hours in front of the mirror primping before going to school, or twice as you to try to be integrated into society strives as a person and not as a label. Think before you act

If you 're the assaulted and not let those things affect you , I know it's easy to say but much harder to do , I know because I've been told many times, but what does not kill you , makes you stronger . Learn how to make yourself heard , but never pay back in kind what you are doing to you, it's nothing nice.

If you're going through the same as me , do not hesitate to make you hear, and when you do, contactate me. However, if these the other hand, think again what you're doing

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